Pink Flowers Traveller's Notebook

Pink Flowers Traveller's Notebook

$16.95 USD

When writing product descriptions for the items I stock I rarely just write and weight size and material of the product. What matters is what you can do with it and that's what I want to highlight. We only buy things we feel we can use and that's what we should do. Buy what we need. I like keeping several travellers notebooks for a few reasons. They are an economical and easy way for me to create travel scrapbooks and yearly planners with different sections/notebooks. Each year even though I might throw away the notebook insert in my travellers journal I end up keeping the art journal and travel memorabilia and idea booklet. Having a cover for each makes it easy for me to organize my journals and protects them as well! I usually choose designs that are pretty on their own but sometimes I look at them as a start or a canvas to which I can add my own art as well!

Size: 20.2cm x 11.5cm

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