5 Pack Washi Tape - Lemon Flowers

5 Pack Washi Tape - Lemon Flowers

$6.76 USD

This lovely lemon flower set features 5 different washi tapes each with a unique design. From yellow flower fields with a bird soaring in the air to a pattern of just yellow flowers this set has a lot of different designs to choose from. The set is an amazing value and makes great gifts for Christmas as well! There are loads of ways to use washi tape in arts and crafts projects. I use them in my art journals and planners most of all. I also use them to embellish gift boxes and create matching tags! What do you like to do with washi tape? If you make something using this washi tape set post it on social media using the hashtag #mzcreates. I would love to see how you use washi tape.

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